duminică, 21 aprilie 2013

International Training in San Sebastian Fall 2013

EUROCLIO is inviting History, Heritage and Citizenship Educators to register in an exciting international training seminar in San Sebastian (Spain) taking place between 11-16 November 2013. European GRANTS are available. HOW TO OBTAIN GRANTS? The seminar is registered in European Union Lifelong Learning Grants Comenius (For Educators in the Secondary Education) and Grundtvig (For Educators in the Adult Education) catalogue. You have the opportunity to apply for a Grant that covers your costs to travel to and stay in San Sebastian! All you need to do is to contact your national agency and fill in the correct form and apply on time! Click here to access contacts of your National Agency. DEADLINE for grant applications: 30 APRIL 2013. Find our course with the code: For Comenius: NL-2013-346-001 For Grundtvig: NL-2013-347-001 HOW TO REGISTER? Follow below steps to register: Register online (http://goo.gl/2iUrK) with EUROCLIO to secure a pre-registration letter and conference invoice. If your country is eligible, apply for a grant at your National Agency (http://goo.gl/V7rUk). Upon confirmation of your grant (if applied), your participation is confirmed with EUROCLIO. If you have no grant, cancelation is possible until 10 October 2013. MORE INFORMATION: http://goo.gl/tOrRR

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