sâmbătă, 19 ianuarie 2013

Conferinta anuala Euroclio 7-13 aprilie 2013 , Erfurt

This conference is registered in the European Union's Lifelong Learning Programme database for Comenius (Secondary Education) and Grundtvig (Adult Education) grants. Participants from one of 27 European Union countries, one of European Union Candidate States (Croatia, Turkey, Macedonia) and European Union Economical Area countries (Norway, Switzeland, Iceland) are eligible to apply for one of these grants. Please, use one of the corresponding seminar reference numbers to apply for these grants via your National agency. Costs of participation (including travel, stay and conference fee) in the training events can be supported with Comenius and Grundtvig In-Service Training for Teachers. For further advice on applying for these grants, please contact the EUROCLIO Secretariat, by e-mail, to Aysel Gojayeva ( aysel@euroclio.eu)

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